There’s nothing worse than spending a day creating a fabulous winter photo shoot with your friends and family only to see the photos afterwards and realise you look like you’ve been dragged through a snowdrift. Snow, wind, rain and cold all give your locks a hard time, so heed our tips for much-needed winter hair care and you could achieve your most wonderful style of the year!

1. Frizz is the number one problem when it comes to winter hair care. It’s most easily defined as messy hair, where strands separate from each other to form an undefined edge and stop it from looking shiny and sleek. It is most noticeable in those with wavy or curly locks but it can affect all hair types. As it is caused by a lack of moisture, winter hair care is incredibly important!

Winter messes with moisture – not only do we have the heat on indoors, but the winter air is cold and unforgiving when you’re outside. To replenish moisture, it’s important to condition your hair once a week using treatments, oils and masks. These may seem like an unnecessary extra expense, but maintaining good quality hair makes it much easier to deal with as you go through the winter season.

Another winter hair care tip to combat frizz is to avoid washing it too much. This might seem counter-intuitive but it’s all about the drying process and the retention of those all-important oils. Always dry your hair before going out: a gentle, controlled dry (not rubbed frantically with a towel!) will help maintain quality – and besides, you don’t want to catch hypothermia!

2. Winter is a time to crack out a good old woolly hat. It can be a great winter hair care accessory as it protects your luscious locks from the moistures in the air, and ensures that it’s not your hair that takes the brunt of that rogue snowball! But the static that wool creates (from coats and scarves, too) can wreak havoc, meaning you’re either faced with revealing a mass of crazy hair, or keeping that beanie on all day long!

Silk is your best friend in this situation; the material lacks the ability to create static. Just as many choose to sleep on silk pillows to stop cotton rubbing your cuticles, celebrity hairstylist Ben Skervin suggests wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before putting on a hat, which will have the same smoothing effect.

3. Get a trim regularly. As hair dries out in the winter it’s important to keep the quality of your ends up to avoid the dreaded split ends. A good winter hair care tip is to visit your hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks.

4. Oils and dandruff. Washing hair with cold water can be really effective. Now, this might sound like a terrifying thought but as we mentioned earlier, maintaining natural oils in your hair is key for winter hair care: they’re there to keep your quality up and protect hair throughout the day. A harsh, steaming shower can strip these oils away. It’s recommended that after conditioning, the product should be washed out with lukewarm or cold water to maintain the oils and create a good shine.

Oils can be replenished with a scalp rub of olive or coconut oil mixed with lemon juice. Leave this homemade mask in for 30 minutes and then wash your hair as normal, allowing good oils to be sealed in. Similarly, you should try and eliminate dandruff with a specialised anti-dandruff shampoo.

5. Be gentle. Your body needs moisture too, so make sure you’re drinking enough and this will reflect in your skin and hair quality. Heat damage is only going to contribute to winter’s harsh drying effects, so wearing natural looks during the winter months can be beneficial. Also, make sure to hold hairdryers at least 15 cm away from your hair when they’re on the hot setting.

Follow our tips to make sure your winter hair care is on point. For any further tips, come in and chat to our stylists or give us a call to ensure that your look stays chic throughout the season.