Plucking. It’s become something of a taboo word.  After the questionable brows (or lack thereof) of the 90s, many of us are worried about doing anything that involves shaping or sculpting our eyebrows today. Just take a look at Cara Delevingne or Brooke Shields – why can’t the fuller brow trend last forever. For the ladies of Exeter, eyebrow threading could be your best option.

As with the hair on our heads, our eyebrows grow in a variety of different forms, colours and shapes. While yours might naturally align with the current trends (lucky you!), others may not, and besides, trends change! Many women will find there is a time when their eye area feels dull or uninspiring. But before you head off to buy a new mascara, you should take a moment to learn about the three main benefits of having your eyebrows threaded to revitalise your look:


Though the practice originated in the Middle East, here in Exeter eyebrow threading is more popular than ever. And we can see why: threading is one of the most painless ways of removing eyebrow hairs. The fine threads pluck hairs out from the root at high speed without touching the skin. This is key for those with sensitive skin, as well as those suffering from acne or other skin problems. While waxing is a deeper treatment and certainly more suited to some, trained threading professionals touch nothing but the hairs themselves. No chemical is applied to the thread either, therefore reducing the risk of irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Accuracy and Styling

One of the benefits of going to see your Exeter eyebrow threading professional is that you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror with tweezers, only to take out too many hairs and have to hide your face under hats and scarves for the next month! Plucking has ravaged the faces of many a woman, and all too many of us will be willing to share our horror stories! Not only are threading practitioners well-trained, they will listen and understand your style and what you want from your brows. Combine this with light handiwork and the result will be as accurate as the image you have in your head. With the ability to nab even the thinnest, single hairs, this procedure is incredibly precise.

Saves Time

Not only can threading grab individual hairs, but it can group them too. This means a procedure can be finished in just fifteen minutes, saving you time to get on with the rest of your day. Not only that, but you won’t have to revisit the salon for another five weeks, so you save money too. Well-sculpted brows need less pencil, gel or pomade in the mornings, and the refined look will last all day long. Furthermore, over time threading can weaken the hair follicles, making the regrowth less dense and thus less visible and problematic. Here in Exeter, eyebrow threading is a win-win situation!

So put those tweezers down! If you feel your eyebrows are wayward, you are not out of options. Threading is a natural, professional technique meaning it is inexpensive to achieve an amazing and refined look. Give us a call today to book your session and receive the perfect eyebrows for your look.