Ah, rumours and misconceptions. Don’t you hate them? In today’s media, it’s impossible to find a clear piece of advice on anything, and hair is one of them. For the people of Exeter haircuts, and how often to get them, is just another mystifying topic.

But fear not, for Verve is here to clear it all up for you. Whilst there is no definitive answer to length of time between haircuts, if you want great hair then the answer is, quite simply, often.

The Basics:

How quickly does hair grow? Hair grows (on average) half an inch, or 1.27 cm, every four weeks.

What are the problems with hair growth?

Split Ends: Not only do these begin to make hair look uncared for, but they risk creeping up the hair shaft and thinning hair, causing it to become more brittle.

Flatness: Fullness in the crown created by layers can fall flat when these layers bring the volume further down with growth.

Lost mojo: We’ve got Cheryl to thank for this catchphrase, but getting your mojo back is vital for hair that is looking lack-lustre.

But beware! In Exeter haircuts are easy to come by, but this doesn’t mean we should all run to Verve at the first sign of a split end. Growth is natural, and important for revitalising hair. Cutting too soon can result in an unwelcome short hairstyle, so chill. Keep on top of your hair’s visual appearance and texture instead.

Hair type is key. Everyone has different hair, so find out which of these categories you identify with and follow our tips.

Tight curls: You’re used to looking after your hair, and only need to tame it into shape every 12 weeks.

Unprocessed hair: Naturally healthy hair is a hairstylist’s dream, but you won’t need to see us often. 12 weeks is best to maintain styles and craft new ones.

Fine or medium curls: You maintain moisture in your daily routine to avoid the dreaded frizz, but don’t let your curls get too long as it can stress the hair. Your hair will look best when contained by a cut every 8 to 12 weeks.

Long hair: The ends of your hair will be old and suffering from natural damage. An appointment every 8 weeks doesn’t need to shorten it, but will remove the parts which have been around longest. This will strengthen the hair overall.

Layers: Every 6 to 8 weeks is best to maintain the shape of a layered look, which focusses on framing the face. Keeping the volume around the crown is important for hair to look healthy.

Bob or lob: This style is all about looking precise, but can afford to be lived in for a month or so. To keep it in shape, get it cut every 6 weeks.

Fine hair: This has a tendency to be flat-looking if not wearing a distinctive cut or style, so get this checked out every 4 to 6 weeks.

Short hair: Just like the gents, ladies with short hair must stay looking sharp, so it’s best to pencil in a hair appointment as part of your monthly routine.

Damaged hair: Chemicals, colouring or heating all damage hair visibly, but a good cut will enable you to rock these looks until new hair grows in. See your stylist every 4 weeks for this.

Fringes: There’s a huge difference between having an eye-sweeping fringe and not being able to see, and all this can happen in the space of just a fortnight! If you’re uncomfortable with trimming your own fringe, or don’t have time, a 2-weekly appointment is best.

Remember: To keep up the reputation of our sharp looks here in Exeter, haircuts should be frequent. But they should also be personalised to the amount of growth desired, the health of the hair and the shape of the style. Pop in and see us at Verve to discuss your hair-type and hear our recommendation for how often to get your hair cut.