Exeter's Best Permanent Make Up Services

Permanent Make Up From Verve Hair and Beauty

What is Permanent Make Up?


Semi-permanent make up is, like microblading, a method of maintaining fuller, shaped brows through embedding pigmentation within the skin. The two methods differ, however, in the tools used. Semi permanent make up- Exeter, uses a specialist facial tattooing machine, which, working at a lower frequency than normal tattooing machines, is gentler on the skin, only going 1mm in. It feels just like an electric toothbrush.


The semi permanent make up Exeter based hairdresser Verve can offer combined care and comfort. Our sessions take upwards of two and a half hours, to ensure the brow shape and colour is spot-on, and the treatment advances during the session at a pace you want. We can accommodate any requests for breaks during the treatment; this is your session!


This is a semi-permanent technique, and it is recommended that clients top-up once a year. Imagine that! A year of not worrying about pencilling them in every day, or remembering to take them off before bed. Forget fancy creams and bath bombs, it is semi permanent make up Exeter needs for the most relaxing experience of all, free-time.

How we do it here at Verve:

1. Patch test for allergies, at least 24 hours prior

2.Semi permanent makeup treatment session 2.5 hours+

3.Top up, 4 to 6 weeks later


Ombre £285

Powdered £295

Microblading and powdered shading or ombre shading combo £325

All include a non-refundable £50 deposit.

Any top ups within 7 months (not including the one within 4 to 6 weeks) are £75.

Semi-permanent make up is a solution you can never fully appreciate until you try it. It’s all about making your life easier, and professionally beautiful in a few short hours. So to make the best use of the time that you’ve now freed up, we’ve started you off with a few suggestions:

A List of Things you can do whist not worrying about your eyebrows in the morning:

Practice that hygge. The Danish lifestyle is so simple but heart-warming

Eat beautiful, healthy breakfasts

Go for early morning walks! Ditch the coffee and head out for nature’s own wake-up call

Get fit: Use those extra fifteen minutes to get in some squats

Read: Everyone wants to read more, so set this aside as dedicated chill time