At last. A/W 2017 is upon us and, though it might sound strange, we couldn’t be happier to leave summer behind. Dodgy tan lines, hectic holidays and that nagging feeling of guilt when you put your feet up are as good as gone. Step into autumn and winter, it’s the time for a little more self-care. Why not start that off with a cheeky trip to Verve Hairdressers Exeter and get glammed up with some stylish winter hairstyles?

We’re taking inspo from the recent Fashion Week, and bringing you some of the top hairstyles that we’d love to replicate for you in our salon. There’s no better time than the beginning of a season to really get ahead of the fashion curve, so check out our rundown of the best winter hairstyles currently (and sometimes quite literally) making waves.


First and foremost, the look for this season is natural. Styling with water is often the best way to achieve this look; hair appears healthy but not over-styled. Ideal, really, as why would you want to draw any attention away from your gorgeous face that’s beaming down at an obligatory pumpkin spice latte?

Fashion Week runways emphasised the models’ natural hair, from long Scandinavian shocks of white to super curly afros. For most, a natural cut without sharp lines is a go-to. So, that means no fringes allowed here! The natural look is perfect for winter hairstyles as it will hold fast through all weather conditions.

Side partings and sweeps

Emma Stone, ever-ahead of trends, debuted this look at a red carpet event in June, and we haven’t stopped talking about it since. The epitome of cool, this look wears itself casually but combines very specific elements of the perfect length and subtle waves. The fringe is just long enough to sweep gently to the side and it provides the best angle for parting, so as to flatter the face shape.

This is one of those highly transferable winter hairstyles, which looks great because it sits gently in front of the forehead, so it’s sure to warm up your face on cold days! Not only will it look great in the family photos of THAT event coming up at the end of the year, but pair it with a beanie and/or a berry lip and you’re instantly in the mood to kick up the leaves in the park and jump in puddles when you see them.

Very short bobs

The winter hairstyles on trend have gradually been moving up past the collarbone – from lob, to bob, to this new super-short version – it is the envy of anyone not quite brave enough to ask for it at the hairdressers. But trust us, you won’t regret being a little bold here! Lengths end up just short of the earlobes and there’s a great space between your shoulders and hairline.

This look shouldn’t be overcomplicated with a fringe or too much styling. A slight wave can give it a classic feel, or you can dip dye the ends for fun, but the best thing about this look is that it really emphasises the face. It looks the most modern if it’s not rounded or layered too much, and when it flicks out a little behind the ears you can almost hear the phone lines buzzing with people making frantic calls to their stylists. This isn’t a look to miss out on.

The bowl cut

Finally, one for the brave. It may have been the look worn by a few unfortunate boys in your primary school class, but the modern bowl cut a) Doesn’t use a bowl, and b) Is surprisingly beautiful and trendy. Originating in Alexander Wang’s recent NYFW show, and worn by model Catherine McNeil, it was replicated by a number of shows afterwards. It’s almost guaranteed that this will be the most memorable part of your look (and don’t we all want a look that will be remembered?).

If you’re looking for a super chic cut, this is one of the most standout winter hairstyles this year. Yes, it leaves your ears to the harsh winter wind, and yes it’s going to be a sharp contrast from anything you’ve had before. But does it instantly transform you into the most fashion-forward person at the party? Yes, yes it does.

For any of these stylish looks, or to discuss your own masterpiece in winter hairstyles, pop in to Verve or give us a call today!