A hairdresser is like any other public service; it aims to serve and satisfy the people of the community. But here’s the catch: you arrive only to have hair taken away from you! So, what can you really GAIN from your Exeter hair salon? Well, if you choose a hair salon that goes the extra mile, here’s what you can expect.

A Calming Environment

A haircut should never feel like a chore. It should be a treat, even if you get your hair cut regularly! When you’ve rushed out of the house and battled through the streets of Exeter, hair salon environments should be places of respite, like luxury living rooms welcoming in weary travellers and allowing them to put their feet up in peace. A stylish colour scheme, comfortable seating and tasteful decoration remind us that we’re just here to chill out and look great.

Great Customer Service

Customer service is a term that rings a sort of broken and weary bell; it’s mostly associated with ranters and ravers on TripAdvisor or unhelpful call centre representatives. But customer service is key to any great Exeter hair salon. Well-trained staff members who treat each customer equally are gold dust. Offering magazines to keep you entertained, making drinks and being attentive to your personal belongings and needs means that when you enter in pursuit of a great haircut, you’ll also gain pampering and attention on the side – and we all need a little of that once in a while!

Friendly Staff

We all know the picture; a row of grannies sitting under the hairdryers and nattering away to each other. It’s the quintessential hair salon image and demonstrates how hairdressers are (and always will be) social environments. At their heart, they are people-based. That’s why friendly staff are a must for us – not only do their questions, responses and anecdotes make a haircut a far less silent procedure, but they are the glue that sticks the whole salon-going community together too. If you need proof, just watch Steel Magnolias. As you build a relationship with our stylists, you will become more confident in our opinions about your hair. Equally, we will gain an understanding of your taste and preferred styles. All in all, you end up with better hair (and friends!).

Informed Staff

A knowledgeable and professional hairdresser is one who will balance your vision with their expertise to achieve a look which suits you and, most importantly, makes you happy! We’ve all had the dreaded experience of ending up with a haircut that was definitely, utterly the opposite of what we asked for, and it’s a betrayal of trust.

A hairdresser shouldn’t expect customers to always know the right terminology to define what they want, so they should explore your ideas in detail. They should use demonstrations or pictures, and be honest about the difficulties or challenges a particular cut might present to you. This honesty is invaluable. An attentive hairstylist who is aware of your hair type, colour and resilience will adapt your ideas to ensure you leave your Exeter hair salon looking your absolute best – and they’ll do it all gently, respectfully and with a smile!

Don’t settle for less than the best! Forget leaving with a bad cut; leaving with bad memories of the service you had feels even worse. Call us at Verve to arrange an appointment and come relax in our warm and friendly Exeter hair salon. We can’t wait to meet you!