Eyelash extensions can give your look that extra flutter to boost your confidence and add glamour to your outfit. Luscious fluttery eyelashes can be yours everyday, providing a gorgeous look as well as a more manageable morning! Ideal for girls looking to minimise their morning routine, these eyelash extensions will keep up with your on the go lifestyle.

For semi-permanent eyelash extensions, Exeter based salon Verve offers are sure to satisfy that desire for gorgeous, striking lashes that last. Find out about our treatments below!


To find the perfect type of lash, think first about the look you want to achieve. Is it a heavier, sultry look, like Jessica Rabbit or Kim Kardashian, or a lighter look like Taylor Swift’s to open up your face? Or do you simply want to emphasise your natural lashes? Remember: Verve salon provides the most lightweight option for eyelash extensions Exeter can provide so they won’t effect your ability to see comfortably.

Individual lashes: These apply at a rate of one extension to one lash (a ratio of 1:1). They create a more natural look if shorter, or glamorous and fuller if longer.

2D-7D: Due to advances in lash production technology, the eyelash extensions Exeter salon Verve can offer are now about to boost lash volume considerably. Verve’s 2D lashes apply at a ratio of 2:1 (artificial: natural), up to a volume of 7:1. This is popular with many clients, but is a bonus for those who have very sparse natural lashes, allowing them to achieve unprecedented volume.

LVL lashes: A favourite with the gorgeous Michelle Keegan, LVL lashes are a combination of perming and tinting the natural lashes. Conditioning natural lashes at the root also straightens them so that they appear longer and fuller. The tint is similar to a long-lasting mascara, so you really can say ‘I woke up like this!’


Lash extensions take approximately 2 hours to apply as it is a very precise process. Each lash is applied individually, and there can be between 50 and 600 lashes of various lengths used to create a coherent line.

Lashes will usually last as long as the natural lashes they are attached to. The natural rate of lash loss is 2-4 per eye, per day. With artificial lashes this is a similar rate, and every 4-8 weeks you may need a top-up session. Being gentle with lashes, especially when using mascara (which should be applied only to the ends), can increase the lifespan of your lash extensions.

LVL lashes can take only 45 minutes, with instant effect. It lasts for 6-8 weeks, with very little maintenance required. Conditioning with a special serum is recommended for the first few days.


The eyelash extensions Exeter salon Verve have to offer are applied with care and precision, avoiding lumps of adhesive, clumping or obtrusion to vision. To make sure they stay looking their best, avoid makeup and remover containing oils.

LVL lashes will not damage your natural lashes, as it is a gentle yet effective treatment, avoiding adhesives.


We offer infills for lash extensions which have fallen out after 2 and 3 weeks for both volume 2D-7D lashes, and individual lashes.

There you have it!

For South West eyelash extensions, Exeter has it all in its esteemed salon, Verve. The treatments and products we have on offer are great quality, and allow you to craft a look that suits you. The treatments are not only great for your lashes, but give you an hour or two of total relaxation as you enjoy this closed-eye treatment whilst chilling in the glamorous and cosy vibes of our salon. And when you wake up looking fabulous, you can be assured that you’ll wake up like that every day for the next few weeks: what a treat!