It looks like the thicker, fuller brow (born of Cara Delevingne’s total rule of the runway in 2015) is here to stay. We couldn’t be happier; if the over-plucking of the 90s took it away, this trend is restoring our eyebrow health in leaps and bounds. As a face framing, sculpting and styling tool, perfect eyebrows beat facials and even surgery every time.

High Definition eyebrows are your aim if you’re after a full, defined look. In a salon, you’d receive a tint, waxing, threading and brow filling that lasts. At home, a similar look can still be achieved only on a less permanent basis. The brow can still have that High definition and a shape suited to your current brows and facial contours. Why not try out these tips at home to test the look on yourself before calling us to arrange a professional version?

Step 1: Grab your equipment

If you want your look to be constantly on fleek, you’ll need to get hold of quality wares. Each girl has her own preference, but powder palettes, pencils or pomades each do the same job in slightly different ways, and at different prices. You can find all sorts of specialist brow goods online, including stencils and brushes, but here we’ll be referring to a simple pomade (brow colour in a small dish) with an angled brush.

As you gather your equipment, you can also find brow-inspo for your High Definition eyebrows in the pages of magazines or online. Do you want them flat like Brooke Shields, or more arched like Megan Fox? With a perfected technique your options are wide open.

Step 2: Mark the natural start, arch and end of each brow

Take a good look at where the hairs really start – the shape might be more extended than you think. It’s important to stick with the natural positions here; if you’re altering both the fullness and the positioning of the brow, they will look unnatural. Simply dot these points on with a mark of product. Remember, what goes up must come down, so take a step back once you’re done to ensure the brows aren’t too high up the face. You don’t want to be left with a shocked expression!

Step 3: Outline with short strokes, and begin to fill in

Gently connect these points using short strokes that reflect the length of your natural eyebrow hairs. Don’t be tempted to use longer lines, because although it saves on time, it runs the risk of looking like fancy dress stick-ons and not beautiful High Definition eyebrows! Too much product is also a no-no; start lightly, and once you’ve begun to fill in between the lines, build up the intensity in the places that need it. Remember to follow the natural hairlines – although it’s tempting to maintain one stroke direction, this isn’t going to achieve the most natural look.

Step 4: Blend

As ever, blending is the most important technique in this make-up look. The initial outlining may look too harsh or unnatural, so using your brush loaded with minimal product, craft short strokes to blend any harsh lines. Remember your desired look at this point; are the brows long enough, full enough or high enough?

Step 5: Set them with brow gel

For those of us who don’t wear heavy makeup, brow gel might sound a bit much, but this clear mascara for the brows help to set the colour, style and intensity in position for long-lasting wear. There’s nothing worse than smudged brows because it breaks the illusion of naturalism. So, we’d recommend a good brow gel which doesn’t feel heavy for this step. Simply brush it on in the direction of the natural hairs, or at a slightly enhanced angle for fuller looking High Definition eyebrows. Take a step back and top up any areas which need it.

Bonus Step!

Highlighter is one of our favourite makeup products of the moment; it really lifts the face. It also makes people use the word “glowing”, which we love. When applied under each brow, it will not only give the appearance of a lift to your eyebrows but will also lift your confidence because you know you look incredible!

The Debrief

Eyebrows are an art form, and getting them right can take multiple attempts! But don’t give up – even the slightest bit of effort will boost your look. Achieving a truly natural look takes hard work but guess what… for an affordable price, you can sit back and relax whilst the wonderful stylists at Verve make your eyebrows their priority. With tinting and gentle hair removal, we can help you achieve High Definition eyebrows that won’t need as much attention on a day-to-day basis, and will still look incredible.

Give us a call to book your session! We can’t wait to meet you.