We’ve all had it. Under the spluttering ceiling fan, you peer into a mirror completely covered in fingerprints. Through the grease and grime, you can vaguely make out someone with your face, except on their head is a bleached, misshapen monstrosity that can only be comparable to Donald Trump in a hurricane. At that moment, you vow to cut your own hair for the rest of your life.

Hairdressing is all about trust. Whilst you might end up with a decent do, it’s never worth it if the entire appointment was spent clinging to your chair in anxiety. If you’re looking for a decent hair salon Exeter is an ideal city because it boasts some great hairdressers. But when searching for the perfect hair salon Exeter locals should understand that it is a unique process for everyone. With these four factors to consider and a little bit of Googling, though, you’ll never set foot in a dodgy salon again.

Trust yourself. Your instincts are almost always right, which is why the initial phone call or salon visit is key. Whilst the receptionist may not be cutting your hair, their manner, their politeness and appreciation of your custom may well be representative of the management in general.

If you visit, take a look around, or find pictures on the Internet. Is the salon well designed? Is there hair left on the floor, or tiles out of place? If they take care of the salon, they’ll take care of your hair too. And if you don’t like what you see, don’t risk it. It’s as simple as that.

Professionalism. I’m not pretending that everyone wants the same hair experience. Plenty of people will be happy to be treated as a work of art; after all, your hair says a lot about your look. Professionalism will, therefore, be important. This will show in the quality of products, knowledgeability of stylists to undertake difficult cuts, and perhaps even the individual qualities or stylist reputations.

It may not be set in Exeter, but if you’ve ever seen Steel Magnolias, you’ll know hair salons in Exeter and beyond are more than just places to get a cut. Allowing customers to relax, to share their thoughts and to spend time in good company are important factors for a salon to possess if they want to attract repeat customers for regular trims and top-ups. If you want a more personalised experience, find reviews, chat to stylists and previous customers to find out about the atmosphere of a salon.

Value. Value for money doesn’t mean something is cheap, it just means that you feel you’ve got what you paid for, and a bit extra for luck. If you had a specific look in mind, did you get what you wanted, or do you feel short changed by the cut you’ve been given? If you gave an open brief, did the stylist use imagination, personalisation and care to construct something that really suits you? Or was it all from the book? If you feel you’ve spent £60 on two hours of anxiety, look elsewhere.

Reputation. For many people, the hair salon is the heart of the town, and this means a good one will have positive relations with customers, neighbours and the community at large. You can find reviews online, but also from a friend-of-a-friend or an overheard conversation on Exeter high street. Don’t forget that people have a habit of posting either overly enthusiastic or disappointed reviews, so it’s worth looking through some that are less emotive and more practical.
Remember, spread the word! If you find a good hair salon Exeter residents want to know about it, so let other people know! And one day, everyone who’s still trying desperately to cut the back of their hair in a straight line might finally muster the confidence to get out and give their hair the love it deserves.