“Talent… skill… enthusiasm … warmth… expertise… art… in one word – VERVE.”

What does quality mean to you? To some, it’s finding a salon with a gorgeous colour scheme that makes you feel sure your hair will end up similarly stylish. To others, it’s enthusiasm and friendliness from the staff, reaffirming the idea that salons are so much more than just haircutting factories. Verve knows how to do style with heart, meaning we offer some of the most cutting-edge hair and beauty Exeter has to offer.

Situated on the first floor of 14 Waterbeer Street, we’re in close proximity to Exeter’s high street, so slip away from the hustle and bustle and come check out our unisex black and silver salon. Visit us or give us a ring to choose a treatment and experience the very best service and a personal and memorable visit for every customer.

For some, traditional is best, and we have a huge range of simple-yet-effective cuts and colours for the whole family. Bring the kids along, too, because dry cuts start from just £8. Or, if you’re not feeling ready for a change, a simple blow-dry, Racoon International extensions or gents styles are just three of our many styling options. Every session starts off with a free consultation (to make sure the style fits your looks and your personality!) so feel free to bring along magazines, internet pictures or just your imagination to get the ball rolling!

On the beauty front, we offer really affordable eyebrow tinting, HD brows, lash treatments, facial waxing and, of course, a spray tanning service (which is just a cheeky £20!) If you’re looking for something more permanent, we have multi-stage eyebrow treatments (microblading or semipermanent makeup) to craft the perfect eyebrows for you – saving you time and effort re-drawing them each morning.

We also offer specialist treatments, such as the Racoon ‘Hair in Recovery’ Programme, which offers thousands of women with medical hair loss to engage in a safe and sensitive programme. Call to arrange a consultation with our expert.

We’re so enthusiastic about offering the quality treatments in hair and beauty Exeter deserves. So pop your head in some time or give us a ring to hear more and book your treatments. We can’t wait to see you!