The modern woman is a force to be reckoned with. With successful careers, we’re busy battling stereotypes on a daily basis, often found having to nurture our careers, skills and relationships all at once, and some of us are busy mums too. But proving ourselves equal (or even better!) doesn’t mean we have to abandon relaxation altogether. Part of living a confident and self-loving life is allowing ourselves to have treats. So, here are five ideas for local pampering treats, including some of the best beauty treatments Exeter has to offer.

1. Hair

It’s not uncommon to find one’s mood directly related to the state of one’s hair. Whether it’s greasy, brassy, misshapen or just plain dull, a bad hair-day can be a bad sign for your self-esteem. So, practice some much-needed self-care by bringing yourself over to Verve.

Not only will you receive a fresh new cut or colour but you will also receive friendly and expert hair-care in our sumptuous and relaxing salon. After a blow dry, you’ll leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders (literally!). Trust us, this is one beauty treatment Exeter women should always make time for in their busy schedules!

2. Spray Tan

You may not have time for a proper holiday right now but at least that glowing holiday look can be achieved with ease and relaxation. Forget plastering your bathroom walls with DIY orange spray paint, too. In the surroundings of a professional salon, a spray tan will be totally even and very natural looking.

There are plenty of places in Exeter that offer spray-tanning services but make sure to look out for a high level of service. Don’t settle for less than the best. Remember, you deserve this.

3. Eyelash/ Eyebrow Tint

Semi-permanent tints are the kind of beauty treatments Exeter women often overlook, but they’re an investment worth making. They allow you to rest in the knowledge that you look great at all times, with three-dimensional eyebrows or dark, fluttering lashes. It’s what beauty is ultimately about: not what others see, but how you see yourself. When your self-confidence is positively affected, you’ll see how your life transforms for the better.

Verve’s excellent semi-permanent makeup practitioners are skilled in the latest beauty trends but, more importantly, how to make them work with your image. The sessions are tailored to you, so you can take breaks when you like. You can be assured that the final result will be perfectly suited to you. You’ll leave with both a beautiful look and the gift of a little extra time in the morning when you don’t have to do your makeup!

4. Nails

There’s always a huge difference between getting your nails done at a salon and trying to do them at home. You fill your living room with a strange smell, you get colour on your cuticles or, depending on your skill level, all up your arms. Let’s face it, the end result never looks like the sleek beauty treatments Exeter nail salons can offer you. While DIY nails can end up being just another stressful task, taking a trip to one of the many experts in Exeter will be a pampering treat and the perfect excuse for a little time to yourself. 

5. Spas

A spa day is the pinnacle of self-care. Whether it involves a massage, a dip in the pool or the sauna, these treats aren’t possible at home so it’s all or nothing when deciding to take to the spa. There are many spas available around Exeter, including the famed Hotel du Vin.

The best part is there are a number of deals to be found online via websites such as Groupon or Wowcher. Sign-up is free and can open a whole realm of possibilities for other activities in addition to deals on beauty treatments in Exeter.

So it’s your chance to make a decision, to treat or not to treat? We certainly know which option we’d choose!

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